Transactions for Colombian Citizens & Companies

Natural Persons

If you are a Colombian citizen and you are going to make an exchange as a natural person, make sure you bring the following documentation with you:

  • Citizenship card
  • Identity Card (Applies only to people over 16 years of age)

Yes, that’s how simple it is!


If you are a Colombian company and you want to make an exchange, make sure you bring the following documentation:

  • RUT (Unique Tax Registry).
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate (with an issue date of no more than 60 days).
  • Photocopy of the identity document of the legal representative.
  • A document certifies the partners’ names, identification and percentage of participation for those with more than 25% of the social capital.
  • Income Tax declaration of the last year.
  • Balance Sheet and Financial Statements for the last year.
  • Suppose your transaction is carried out by a third party (such as a manager, representative or your messenger). In that case, you must attach the authorization letter addressed to Amerikan Cash, signed by the legal representative and indicating the amount to be exchanged and the origin or destination of the currencies.

Letter of Authorization to Third Parties
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