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Our rates may change in each office. Please check them at each location.

Exchange rates may change during the day. We recommend verifying prices with our advisors.

Our Service

How does it work?

We are money exhange professionals. Remember that all transactions have to be in cash and at our offices.

1. Get to know the exchange rates

Check the daily prices, and we will guide you to find the best time to exchange.

2. Book your transaction

Receive one-on-one advice, carried out with quickness, to exchange your money.

3. Receive your exchange

Choose the office of your choice, and we will wait for you in spaces specially designed to carry out your transaction.

Get to know our guide to making currency exchanges.

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Our Promise

We have certified currencies and guarantees for your money.

We have facilities and processes carefully designed for all foreign exchange transactions’ comfort, privacy and security.

Unique Certification Seals

Expert Staff in Financial Markets

Infrastructure and Specialized Spaces

Technology specialized in bill verification

Are you considering travel or investing?

We advise you to find the best time and ways to exchange your money.

Information and resources

Advantages of exchanging your money with Amerikan Cash

Euro, Dollar, Franc, Pound Sterlin, Yens, Yuans, Sol, Mexican Peso, Real and much more. 

Market and Investment Advice

We advise you on interpreting the foreign exchange market and investment management.


Exchange bookings

Book your change at the time and location that works best for you.

Advice for travelers

We advise you to recognize the best time to exchange based on your destination.

Did you have money left over from your trip?

Ask about our Currency Refund service.

Learn all the advantages of choosing Amerikan Cash